Large heating tape order from CERN

The world′s largest particle physics laboratory, CERN in Geneva, Switzerland has ordered nearly 800 pcs of heating tapes in different lengths from 0,5 to 9 m. The tapes shall be used to bake out the particle acceleration equipment. “It′s always a pleasure to get a confirmation of good quality, says Henry Kvael, Managing Director at ?????

Cable straightening kit in new dimensions

Hemi Heating’s flexible heating kit is used for relaxation and straightening in the jointing process of high voltage cables, now supplemented with a set for cables with the diameters between 40-69 mm. Our cable straightening system (CSR) guarantees a safe and controlled heating with no risk of damages on the cable. Quick heating process, sustainability ?????

Hemi Heating launches new Heater fan!

Safety- and holistic thinking was the focus in the development of Hemi Heating’s self-produced heater fan. The main advantage is that users now can be offered turnkey solutions for UHV bakeout from a single supplier. “We produce Heating tents for UHV bakeout and therefore, it also became a natural step to develop its associated heat ?????